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Paper Money

Paper Money Trading in Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Eastern Iowa Coin is one of the leading businesses in Cedar Rapids, IA, for buying, selling and trading paper currency. We buy and sell paper money with large inventory that many of our customers have never seen before. We're also happy to appraise the paper money that is brought into our store if you want to sell or trade the items. We'll explain the appraisal and answer any questions you may have. 

As a locally owned and operated business with years of experience, we are experts when it comes to determining the value of paper money and offering the highest price for those who want to sell it to our store. Our appraisals are accurate to make certain that you receive a fair deal.


Our professional team offers years of expert knowledge to ensure that you can continue to grow your collection. We understand your passion for your currency collections and the joy you have in watching your items grow in value. Our experts are also passionate, and we enjoy discussing the different types of currency that is brought in or that is available in our store.

At Eastern Iowa Coin, we trust that you'll be satisfied with our customer service while learning more about the different aspects of paper money. All of our prices are fair and reasonable, which is why we've continued to grow as a business in the local area. Call or stop in for a visit to get our expertise on rare currency.